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Resume Lift-Up

It's not only the shape of the resume, it's all about keywords. This is the entry-door for most automated systems nowadays. 

Also, we developed a SEO concept to create the correct word combination tailored to your cover letter and resume.

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101 Canadian Job Market

Get the essentials, the do and don't of the Canadian job market. Understand who to find and apply for jobs in Canada.

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Cross-cultural training

Ready to come to Canada? You might want to understand the cultural gaps, style of communication and feedback, job etiquette, and so forth. This training is for you.

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Mock-up interview

Do you have an interview coming up? Do you want to get ready? This is a simulation of job interview, so that you can make the mistakes in a safe and confidential environment and improve from there.

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We have put in place a network of business partners that will complete the resources for you to succeeded in the Canadian job market. Hiring agency, training, immigration, and so on.

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For employers

Do you have a diverse work-force in our company? Do you want to train them on the Canadian work environment? Quick on-boarding, better performance, and less communication gap are some of the results we can achieve.